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Photo Studio Rental in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York


Who We Are

Grattan Studio is a female-owned photo studio in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, offering the best of modern photography equipment in a contemporary space surrounded by bustling Brooklyn culture, all at a fair price. We offer a bespoke client approach, catering to each creative’s needs in curating a seamless environment for your next creative project!  


Renting a photo studio is still a frustrating and complex choice for some people. The significant concern is the cost, as often studios are thought to be and are quite pricey, making them a true investment.. Fortunately, our photo studio in Brooklyn offers a bespoke approach, working  per individual creative and offering a simple and cost-effective studio rental space. 


Why Booking Our
Photography Studio in NYC?


Our NYC Studio is a Game Changer 

Grattan Studio photo studio rental in New York City is a place to meet your professional photography goals. Our creative studio is equipped with professional lighting gear to help in the execution of various creative projects.


Whatever your motivation for renting a studio, you should know that our photography rental space provides you with the best opportunity to build your portfolio and upscale your network in a cutting-edge space in Brooklyn.

Why choose us over other Studios in New York?

Photo studios are an excellent way to achieve brand building or earn individual recognition (for models, influencers, bloggers, etc.). Choosing the right photo studio in New York is not an easy task, but Grattan Studio makes that choice as simple as possible.


Grattan Studio has everything you need, from Profoto equipment to fun props to experiment with. We keep our space uncluttered, so our clients can have the creative freedom to execute their most ambitious projects. Our photography studio for rent provides the ideal environment for shooting and editing. 

Grattan Studio is a perfect space for variety of projects:


  • Product/Still life Photography

  • Fashion or Beauty Photography

  • Family Photography

  • Catalog Brand Photography

  • Workshops/Yoga classes/ Masterclasses 


Choosing our photo studio rental means having access to a wide range of backgrounds and props, allowing you to capture high-quality imagery for your business or personal objectives.


How To Book With Us?

Just follow our 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to the “Book Online” page of the website.

  2. Select the day and time of your booking, pick the backdrop color if needed.

  3. Finalize the booking by securely paying online.

  4. Receive all the necessary information and communication the day before your allotted time for a seamless shoot. We provide an excellent level of communication and commitment to making sure our clients are happy with what the space offers. 

Included Equipment

While providing a carefully curated space for your photography projects, we also ensure the accessibility of all necessary equipment. A project cost can be reduced substantially when the essential equipment is included in the rental price. Check out the complete list of equipment that is presented for client's access at Grattan Studio and proceed to booking your studio time online. 


Pros of Renting Our Photography Studio 

1. Hassle-Free

Our NYC photoshoot rental space is easy to access. Every client gets a personalized code to unlock the door and has absolute freedom to exploit the space during the booking time. The space offers you a chance to connect with your art and focus on creating!

2. Creative Space Away from the Hustle & Bustle of NYC

Shooting in a public space surrounds you with external factors. You are confined with limitations due to weather, natural lightning, curious bystanders, and the noise of crowds & vehicles. 

Our photo studio rental keeps you at a distance from such disturbing factors. You don't need to stop shooting because it's raining or storms. Tapping into our incredible studio delivers you a personal space that is tailored to your unique requirements. As a result, you'll be able to make the most of your working hours that are linked to the polished outputs.

3. Essential  & Cutting-Edge Amenities Provided

Our studio is equipped with all of the necessary tools, which is a key benefit when choosing to shoot with us. The role of equipment is critically important to get quality images. A photo studio in NYC without adequate tools and amenities is undoubtedly a waste of money. No biggie! This you will not experience in our studio. Choosing Grattan Studio will make the most of your rental time. 

4. Make Yourself Feel at Home at Grattan Studio!

Working in a comfortable atmosphere indeed requires basic comforts such as the proper temperature provided by air conditioners or heaters. Our space offers central AC during summer months and central heat system during winter.

5. Lighting

Our photography rental studio has south-facing 10ft tall windows that give daylight access throughout the day. Grattan Studio is located on the second floor of a building and provides nice diffused daylight during summer months (with direct sunlight early in the morning and during golden hour) and direct sunlight entering the space directly during spring, fall and winter months. Our space also provides blinds that can be used to block the daylight if necessary.

6. Seamless Photo Studio Experience

Every videographer or photographer is well aware of the headache of carrying heavy equipment from one spot to another. Renting our space combat the stress of bringing equipment as you will have all the equipment facilities such as Profoto lighting, Profoto transmitter, wall-mounted backdrop holder, portable backdrop holder, C-stand, Manfrotto tripod, a clothing rack, steamer and much more. 

Our photo studio rental in Brooklyn helps you get the perfect clicks. Check out our website and book your session online. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before proceeding with the booking.



per hour

  • - The equipment is included in the price

  • - D2 Profoto strobe light that has motion freezing capabilities (liquid splashes and other)

  • - 12 ft ceiling 

  • - South facing 10 ft tall windows that provide lots of natural light throughout the day

  • - Neat uncluttered environment that allows to be creative without having to adjust to what the space already looks like

  • - Free Wi-Fi


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Let our Clients speak for us

Great studio! Has many cool add ons too. Decent price and location. Certainly will be booking again!

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13 Grattan St, #208, Brooklyn, NY 11206

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